Apple confirmed “looking into” 6 cases of iPhone 8 with swollen battery

iphone 8 swollen batteryLast week we had some information about some iPhone 8s batteries have been swollen quickly after the product was released to the market. This situation is even worse when photos of some iPhone 8 having curved screen popping out of the frame while the phone is still in the brand new box. Some people experienced this swollen problem after charging their phone overnight.

Currently, there are 6 users in Taiwan, Japan, China, Canada and Greece reporting this problem. Sam Jaffe, director of Cairn Energy Research, said: “Swollen battery is extremely abnormal for new products, and this can lead to concerns that there are actual problems with the nature of these batteries. “. “It’s still too early to know what has happened to Apple phones,” he added. “It could be just a bug in the distribution process,” he said “and very few phones are affected.”

Apple has just confirmed they are investigating the problem.