Stop Ruining Your iPhone Using a Case/Not Using a Case? What is Your Opinion?

One of my friends yesterday told me all reasons he refuses to put a case on his phone during the last 6 years.

He said:

“An Apple iPhone carries the great function of a smartphone, and is a masterpiece of industrial design. There are barely any high-end smartphone products on the market that have the sophisticated, picky design as the iPhone. The material surface, the overall appearance, and the design details are refined to each corner of the product.

All those perfection blends into one, giving the iPhone a solid feel for Unibody design, elegance, smoothness of premium material from aluminum and glass. We are not simply using a phone with iPhone, but also contemplating, experiencing one of the unprecedented  masterpieces of creative art.

J. Ive’s father is a jeweler, so he inherited craftsman’s tendencies from his father, so all Apple products are elaborately crafted, making them as sophisticated as crafts.

Apple’s design team spent a whole year of effort on the iPhone not to fit or attach it to any case. They just want to give users the best experience when holding iPhone on their hands, so any cases attached to the iPhone will damage the overall design of the iPhone.

When you spend $1,000 to buy the iPhone, half of that money is to pay for intellectual investment and Apple’s efforts in designing such a perfect product. Much like when we buy LV bags, Hermes. If you put money to buy the case for the iPhone then it turns out that we waste precious money to own the iPhone?

No tape, no case for LV, Hermes bags. So why put the case for the iPhone?”

I disagreed. And here are my reasons why I am and will continue using a case for my iPhone:

  1. iPhone, unlike LV or Hermes bags, can be external damaged if being dropped. The external damages can be eliminated or minimized if using a case.
  2. iPhone is not cheap. Most of the iPhone owners just want to protect the phone the way they do with all their expensive possessions.
  3. Adding some “decorations” to your iPhone is not a bad idea, and by using a case, you can personalize your iPhone.

And you, do you have any reasons for using/not using case for your iPhone? Let us hear your voice by commenting below!