Tips to help you master your iPhone

You have an amazing iPhone but sometimes you will get annoyed by some of the features you do not like. Some of us can completely turn it off but there is something not always off. In this article I will guide you on how to tweak to reduce the trouble caused by the device as well as optimize the performance of the device.

Turn off notification sound (Notification)

If you are a gamer and you install a lot of games into the phone, then surely the Notifications will jump to the screen continuously accompanied by the sound of those games. It would not be pleasant if every one minute the phone jumps on a message.

To turn off these annoying sounds but keep the Notifications, go to Settings> Notification Center> scroll down to select the application you want to turn off the notifications> here you will see the Sounds> turn it off. Now you can still keep track of your game status, and you will not be disturbed by the sound of it.

Where are the old ringtones?

iOS 7 added a lot of new ringtones, the whole old ringtones were not removed but moved to Classic. You go to Settings> Sounds> choose the type of tone, then at the bottom of each ringtone list there is the Classic option in which you will see all the old ringtones of the machine.

Enhance the “Do Not Disturb” feature

“Do Not Disturb” is a great feature; it will turn off all the tone and Notifications of the machine, including the tone of the call and message to ensure you have a really quiet time to go to sleep or work. However, when you pull the Control Center bar and turn on this function, the message appears constantly. Why? Because by default, it only works when you lock your iPhone, but when you’re still working on it, or surfing the web, watching movies, or playing games, messages, calls, and spam messages are still streaming naturally and regularly.

Fortunately iOS 7 allows us to refine this function. Just go to Settings> Do Not Disturb> scroll down, select the Always line. When this option is selected, the “Do not Disturb” function will continue to operate regardless of whether the phone is locked or not.

You can also schedule the device to turn this feature on and off by Do Not Disturb> select Scheduled and select the start time in “From” and finish time in “To”.

Delete the messages

To delete a message, go to Messages> press and hold your finger on the message to delete in about 2 seconds> select More> tick the message you want to delete> then click the trash icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. To delete an entire conversation, you can also go to Messages> Swipe your finger on the conversation you want to delete (swipe to the left), the Delete button will appear.

Swipe the screen to the left to see the time

To view the time the message was sent or sent, simply drag the screen to the left in the Message screen, the time column will appear; when releasing your finger it will be hidden back.

Swipe up to hide notifications

The new notification bar on iOS 7 is annoying because it takes up too much screen space, especially when it’s in horizontal mode. Sometimes when I’m playing a very dramatic game, this bar appears and covers a large part of the screen. There is a quick but not a permanent solution: when the notification bar appears, you just swipe the Notificaton bar from the bottom up, it will go away immediately, you do not have to wait until it go away.

Use Twitter right in the Safari browser

Do you feel tired of switching between Twitter and Safari apps to read news? If so, the following tips will help you see Twitter news right on Safari. You open up Safari, click the Bookmark button (bottom left under the toolbar), you will see three cards, you click on the last “@” tag; all the Twitter you are tracking that contains a link will appear; just click open it. This way you access Twitter much faster than using Safari to access and of course much faster than switching to the app.

The folders is no longer restricted to 12 apps

The previous version of iOS 6 only holds 12 applications in each folder. iOS 7 has removed this limitation.

Live Wallpaper

iOS 7 supports live wallpapers, which are animated wallpapers and can be applied on both the external Lockscreen and Homescreen inside. Just go to Settings> Wallpapers & Brightness> click on the screen image and select Dynamic to select the animation. I am using this feature and feel the camera becomes much better.